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Common technical problem-solving approach
1, injection molding machine after the installation of frequency control, the main motor speed injection molding machine with the speed of the movement and change, injection molding cycle is shorter, the frequency of movements led to the main motor speed in the frequent acceleration and deceleration process, due to Motor acceleration and deceleration response time is longer, has led to an increase in injection molding cycle time, productivity reduction. Company and the injection molding machine produced by inverter can be on-line computer control, via computer control of the inverter to achieve the inverter output frequency and output decoupling torque regulation, inverter and the injection molding process to achieve the best combination of actions, Application of frequency of injection molding machine to solve energy-saving technologies lead to the production efficiency and reducing bottlenecks.
2, with the reduction of motor speed, and rotor blades connected to the fan speed also reduced, leading to bad electrical heat. In addition, the insulating layer under the impact of voltage inverter frequency to reduce insulation effectiveness. At present, the motor manufacturers have been specializing in the production of frequency conversion motor, that is, for these two points has been improved, independent of the rotor motor fan, speed from motor speed to reduce the impact of insulation also used better materials, so as to solve the frequency devices affect the motor life issues.
3, vane pump work mainly rely on high-speed operation of the rotor blades thrown into to achieve the oil-absorbing purposes. If the rotor speed to reduce the leaf would not have enough centrifugal force can not effectively compress the stator surface, so that leakage within the pump has increased, efficiency decreased significantly when the speed is below a certain critical value (for example, 400r/min), the vane pump The oil absorption capacity becomes less, not even out of oil, this problem occurs, they should improve the frequency setting signal gain. In addition, the development of internal gear pumps, vane pumps will gradually replace the oil pump injection molding machine as the mainstream of development in order to address poor vane pump low oil absorption problems.
4, high-pressure mold clamping and slow when running on low speed high torque converter of the state, the current is easily more than a result of over-current protection rating, my company has a converter input and the mold clamping the input points, with the injection molding machine and mold locking the computer output point connected to the inverter through specific software, the motor in open-mode and mode-locking to maintain high-speed operation, to avoid low-speed high-torque condition occurs.
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