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New Technology-Mixed Two-color/ Three color Injection Molding Machine

New Technology-Mixed Two-color/ Three color Injection Molding Machine

This series of machine installed our special designed composite nozzle,even use your old ordinary mould,also can make your reoduct to be colored and beautiful,to enhance the added value easily,bring more profit for you.

Haiying brand mixed two-color/three-color injection moulding machine leads into the new field of multi-material injection moulding technology. It is not necessary to re-open the mould to produce mixed two-color/three color products. It can be used as a single injection moulding machine without producing mixed two-color/three color products. The mixed two-color / three color injection molding machine realizes the multicolor function under the original mould. The color of each product is almost the same, which is essentially different from the traditional rotary double color machine. This machine is equipped with twin screw barrel and special design composite nozzle, which can produce multi-layer plastic products with special patterns. It can change colors, patterns and shapes arbitrarily. This machine is suitable for producing cups, washbasins, buckets, stools, lamps, toys, handicrafts, stationery, watch straps, beads, combs, hairpins, plastic flowers and other plastic products.

The use of Haiying mixed-two color/three color injection moulding machine to produce plastic products adds color to the product without changing its raw materials, which reduces the cycle and cost of electroplating, spraying and transfer of products by many plastic products manufacturers in the later stage, directly improves the added value of products, rebuilds the second spring of mould and creates additional profits.

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